Shout outs to all my followers ;)

Shout outs to all my followers ;)

Anonymous said: While the kissy, pouty smile is incredible, you should smile more with your teeth showing! You are even more gorgeous when you have the open smile! - Thomas

Thank u next time ;)

Anonymous said: What brand of jeans is your favorite for showcasing that amazing ass?

Ck jeans

nortydog said: You got mad love over here in London bro, make me bust my nut on the regular

Awww thank you ;)

Anonymous said: I love you papi

Love ya too ;) xoxo

Anonymous said: Sir! You are phenomenal! I would love know you! You rock a thong like no ones business and I'll bet you taste wonderful! Since you have so many people who love / lust you, would you be agreeable to being cloned a couple hundred times?! All I can say is your bf is the luckiest dude in the world!

Thank You for the love ;)

Anonymous said: I don't have a credit card/paypal account. can I mail you the money?

Email me

Want a pair? Email me

Used underwear

Interested in buying a pair of my used underwear. Perhaps a thong I wore to the gym during leg workout day. Or a pair of white briefs to sniff after long hot day. I customize them how you like email me

Sweaty thong